Merdeka places a strong emphasis on operational safety and is committed to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders by providing a safe and healthy working environment. This commitment is captured in our Health and Safety Policy goal of; “Everyone Safe – Always” and through the vision of being an industry leading producer of gold, silver and copper.

Merdeka implements Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) to provide the guidance and system tools for our operations to achieve our Health and Safety Policy goal. The OHSMS is aligned with regulatory requirements and includes risk assessment programs that are conducted to anticipate, eliminate or control hazards through different phases of an operational life-cycle. In addition. training and assessment programs are conducted to ensure our employees have the necessary skills and competency to complete their tasks.

Our OHSMS also integrates and monitors lead indicators that work towards the prevention of incidents. This includes establishing targets and measuring compliance for pro-active safety activities such as; inspections, audits, training compliance, behavior observations and hazard reports.

Programs are also in place to promote and sustain a safe work culture. With our Leaders responsible to demonstrate positive and safe behaviours, and where our employees are provided with recognition for exceptional behaviour’s that contributes to the health and safety of the workplace.