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Sharing The Benefit

Merdeka Group is striving its best to bring good to communities and committed to share the benefit.

Merdeka Group has sought to bring good to the communities in which it operates, while striving its best to minimize any negative impact from its operations affecting the communities

Merdeka considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a key component of its business sustainability, and considers itself an integral part of the local communities.

Merdeka regards good relations with the local communities as a measure of success of its mining projects.

A sustainable CSR programs is implemented and aimed at social community development, as well as economic empowerment. The program focuses on providing scholarships to students, providing community healthcare, prioritizing local employment, organizing skills training associated with employment, and encouraging the development of local businesses. In addition, the Company supports the construction of social infrastructures such as village roads, public sanitation facilities, etc.

Sustainability Policy

Community Development

Nature Resources Conservation

Merdeka News

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