Our Story


Wetar Copper Project has starts from early days in long-term programs to prepare self-sustained community post mine, ie. establish foundations. One of the activities of the foundation is supplying fresh food stock to employees and contractors. The catering company buys fresh produce as required to both Yayasan, such as chicken meat, egg, fish, fruit, vegetables, tofu, and tempeh. The company provide capacity building and organizational assistance to both Yayasan, as well as technical assistance to 173 groups of breeder, fishermen, and farmers to ensure the quality of the supplied products are according to requirements of the catering company.

In 2017, both Yayasan has supplied food product on the value of USD 342,875. The challenge is to find alternative and long-term market for these fresh produces to ensure sustainability post mine.

VALUE LOCAL PURCHASE in 2017 – Fresh produce only



Total Purchase (in USD)


Number of supplier/vendor

2 vendor (dipasok oleh 173 kelompok Peternak, Nelayan dan Petani)

Types of Goods and Services

Daging ayam, telur ayam, ikan segar, sayuran, buah, tahu dan tempe.