Corporate Governance

Internal Audit Unit

Business dynamics demands the Company to conduct comprehensive and integrated internal control. The function of the internal control system is carried out by the Board of Directors through the Internal Audit Unit. In performing its duties, the Internal Audit Unit works independently by referring to the Internal Audit Charter and directly reports to the President Director. At present, the Internal Audit Unit is chaired by Drs. Kumari, Ak based on the Resolution of the Board of Directors and has been approved by the Board of Commissioners by Circular Resolution dated 30 January 2015.

The Company expect to increase in members, further Internal Audit will have a stronger structure and will deliver more effective performance.

The vision of this Unit and the independent member is to become a useful partner for the business management of the Company through the analysis of information, analysis and objectives for the Company’s smooth operations.

The Internal Audit Unit adheres to an overall audit strategy that a high quality and transparent annual audit plan is critical for meeting the goals, objectives and mission of the Company to be a highly efficient mining company, fully committed to safety and promotes sustainable development and enviromental conservation. Internal Audit Unit utilizes professional standards and guidelines for the development of the annual audit plan.

Members of Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit